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Hobbies statistics In this section, Statista presents statistics, facts and Statista Dossiers on hobbies and leisure time activities. A hobby may include almost any regular activity one does for pleasure – typically during one’s own free time. Types of hobbies are, for example, collecting things and maintaining that collection, outdoor recreation activities, performing arts, creative hobbies, scale modeling, cooking, gardening, reading, or sports. Basically any activity can be considered a hobby under certain circumstances.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people in the United States spend around five to six hours per day on leisure and sports activities, their personal interests / activities, and hobbies. On weekends and during holidays the amount of time spent on leisure activities is higher than on weekdays.

For a more detailed look into this topic, Statista provides a variety of comprehensive data related to hobbies. Take a look at, for example, our sites on Health & Fitness Clubs, Recreational Boating & Fishing, Hunting & Wildlife Viewing, Camping, Physical Activity, and sports such as Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Running & Jogging and Winter Sports.

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