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Media statistics Statista offers a comprehensive range of statistics on the media. To enable effortless navigation, the sector has been divided into five subsectors. Here our users can find a thorough overview of the publishing market: data on the largest publishing companies, industry revenues and employment information. The sector is divided into its three most important topics: books, newspapers and magazines, with subindustry specific figures for each branch provided. Among the topics covered are:  readership and circulation figures, bestsellers lists, the position of digital publications, such as e-books and online magazines and newspapers, and the development of the bookstore retail sector.

Media usage. From reading or watching to listening and gaming, this particular part of the Statista database contains figures describing the usage of everything from traditional to online media. Beginning with the most significant market indicators, such as penetration rates and time spent consuming media, this subcategory additionally provides statistics and facts about social media usage. Also covered are special topics, such as media exposure in everyday situations like shopping or commuting.

Music. This sector of Statista’s aggregated media industry data consists of key music industry figures (revenue, employment, number of companies active in the sector, largest players) alongside music consumption data. Users can access information on genre preferences among various audiences and demographics, concert-going data, as well as annually updated bestseller lists. Special attention is paid to developments in the digital music market, especially digital music sales and methods of music consumption, including the usage of online music services like online radio and streaming. Additionally, the platform offers selected data regarding music celebrities, such as artists’ earnings and popularity scores.  

Radio, TV & film. This category contains data on the audio-visual and broadcast industries, including production, broadcast and consumption figures for the radio, TV, and film subcategories. Beside key industry figures, comprehensive data on key industry players – among them revenues and market shares – are provided. Reach and penetration data for various television and radio technologies, as well as 3D cinema, are also collected. Data describing the consumer side of the industry, such as genre preference, movie-going behavior, and TV or radio device usage, can also be found here.

Video games & gaming. Statista tracks the latest shifts in this quickly developing segment of the media industry, with special emphasis paid to games industry market data. Statistics and facts about gaming across all devices – from consoles and PCs, to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and handhelds — have been collected here. Games software sales figures illustrate the development of the digital gaming market. Attention has been paid to games market monoliths, such as Nintendo and Microsoft, as well as to user profiles and consumption patterns among various demographics, including children.

While our main focus is U.S. market data, Statista also offers global figures and a range of figures on various markets around the world (such as China, the United Kingdom or Latin America).

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